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Welcome on the Aikido Club du Baou website, aikido club in Nice, French Riviera.

The Aikido Club du Baou is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. 

Ten years of work, ten years of sharing, ten years of good mood and laughter, ten years of meetings with other students from all over the world, ten years of meetings with other disciplines and teachers and ten years of joyful agape.

Let's hope that the club will last for a long time, in work and good mood.



Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays in the gymnasium of the Jules Romain college; on Fridays in the "combat room" of the UFR STAPS.

Kanji Takemusuaiki

Who are we ?

Cours aikido


Knowing everyting about classes, schedule, fees...

Stéphane Le Derf Aikido


His background, the published articles, the club and its affiliations...

Morihei Ueshiba


Japanese martial art, Aikido seeks above all to create a link between beings.


Stage le dimanche 5 mai - UFR STAPS

Stéphane Le Derf animera un stage sur le thème de Kuzushi, dimanche 5 mai à l'UFR STAPS de Nice.

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Stéphane Le Derf animera un stage d'été à Pau du 29 juillet au 2 aout 2024.

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Bienvenue à l'aïkido club du baou, club d'arts martiaux à Nice ouest, France, enseignant S. Le Derf

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